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What We Offer

We offer a work environment with room for differences of opinion and an informal tone of communication, where our employees are able to exploit their professional competencies and potential. We focus on improving the professional and personal skills of our employees for the benefit of the employees themselves, the clients, and the firm.



What We Need

We are continuously looking for new colleagues with a strong profile – also with experience from other business sectors. 


If you want to be taken into consideration, please send an email to us on


We are looking for new colleagues, who are not only qualified employees but also possess the ability to identify and create new possibilities based on the challenges that arise in the business-law sector. Creativity, drive, the ability to work in a team as well as an extrovert personality are qualities to which we attach a great weight. Thus, we value colleagues with a comprehensive professional background, with respect to the career as well as life experience.

Besides formal qualifications, excellent professional results, and language proficiency, we value employees, who have chosen unorthodox ways with a broad perspective on life.

A person who is complementary to the other employees and contributes new values and experience to the firm will have a great advantage with respect to an employee with us.

Current vacancies at A.CH.ALEXANDROU & CO LLC   click here

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